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Acne Affects Sufferers In More Ways Than The Obvious


Acne is miserable and mean condition especially for sensitive teenagers who get it along with a surge in hormones when their dearest wish is not to stand out. It has the ability to make people embarrassed and self-conscious. Although the effects are often felt most in teenage years, no-one is immune and most people have had some brush with acne at one time or another.

When you’re dealing with more than just the odd breakout there are a range of treatments which the sufferer can take a look at. Acne san francisco specialists have options for the poor person who has had enough of breaking out and really wants to do something about it.

Acne san francisco

Dealing with acne is a mule-level process. You need to deal with the skin itself which often means a regimen of cleaning and sometimes even possibly even other treatments where the case is especially bad. But dealing with the emotional part is also quite important.

Luckily, most people will grow out of it – teenagers tend to grow out of it by the time they reach their twenties. But that doesn’t mean it can’t show up again or flare up in times of stress. 

As more research has gone into the condition a lot of the old tales about why acne happens have gone by the board. The good news is that is caused by genetics and hormones much more than it has ever been caused by eating French Fries or chocolate.

Hopefully it will make an angst-ridden teenager a little happier to know that acne is not caused by something they are doing. It is not the acne sufferer who is at fault and it definitely does not mean they are not washing their face properly. It’s hard enough to deal with it -lay off the guilt.