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When last did you really have your teeth cleaned?


teeth cleaning torrance ca

You are one of the many good readers out there. Just like your momma and dentist always told you, you are brushing your teeth morning and night. Morning just after breakfast and before you leave for school or work. And nighttime just before you go to bed. And if you listened to your dentist really carefully, you are now also brushing your teeth after all meals during the day. So, that’s at least three times a day that you are brushing.

And not only brushing, you’re flossing as well, just to make sure every last grain of food particles has been removed from your cavities. Those of you who are now eating per all the healthy recommendations may be eating more than three times a day. That’s because you’re taking in smaller meals throughout the day. So, more brushing for you perhaps? Flossing after each bite might be overdoing it, so your dentist might be happy if you’re doing this at least once a day, say at nighttime.

And don’t forget to gargle as well. Not just gargle with a bit of water but with a good mouthwash as recommended by your dentist. And make sure that you are using a toothpaste recommended by your dentist as well. But what if your dentist should ask you one day when last you had a full and proper teeth cleaning torrance ca service done. Of course, he will probably know if you’re visiting him on a regular basis.

Now, this is no ordinary but thorough teeth cleaning exercise that you would normally carry out. No, this is one that the dentist has to do every few months to clean out all those areas that you could not have reached through your usual brushing.