Those Days When You Really Need Psychiatric Help

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You have reached the bottom of the barrel. Like a sudden cloudburst, it feels as though your head is now bursting. There is no physical pain, it just feels so numb. It has been happening to a lot of people. For many, it is too late. Let’s not go there. For those of you who are still here, there is still hope.

All is not lost. Do get to your local doctor as soon as you possibly can. Tell him what has been happening in your life these last few days, weeks or months. You need to do this. Only he can make a prescribed recommendation that you see an ithaca psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist must be a registered and/or licensed practitioner. There is no other. Of course, it could have been easier said than done to suggest to those who no longer believe in or have faith in conventional medical practitices to seek out alternative avenues of help.

Nevertheless, if not your GP, then a social worker near to you. You can locate a clinic online. There should be one in your city or town. Go and see the counselor at the earliest possible opportunity. It could very well happen that perhaps you may never need to go as far as seeing a psychiatrist.

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But without explaining matters, if your life is threatened then a counselor is going to recommend that you see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. And as a first-time patient, he or she will be giving you priority. In the initial stages of therapy, medication to help calm you down will in all probability be prescribed.

The psychiatrist is a licensed doctor. Only a doctor can prescribe medication. Good luck to you all.